“Oncet” there was a Beginning
And from that shone a great light

Illuminating a realm so vast
So glorious to one’s sight

Infant call upon that plain
In wonder and great delight

To run, to swim, to fly so free
On limbs uncertain and new

Now we in our own garden
Living laughing where they grew

Making a difference as we follow
What will we bring and do?

… What words spoken of our “oncet”?

Charlotte-Anne Allen 6/2/2023
** “oncet” (wŭnst) adv. “once”
Southern & South Midland US

Extra Extra

To go beyond
And give your all

Without complaint
A challenging call

To show up lift up
In rain or shine

To set aside self
And what we call “mine”

Extra extra
Is what it’s all about

Beyond the ordinary
That’s without a doubt

Though life may weigh down
Then persist and be true

Gain strength from above
To be faithful to do

Extra extra
Let His light shine

Reflections on Feathers

• Soft and light touches lift our spirits
• A child’s love is downy soft
• What you choose to be, to do, to think is a daily diet
• Your daily diet displays as a rainbow of colors for all to see.
• Exercise your spiritual muscles to warm others and withstand enemies
• There are times when we all just want to fly away
• Shedding the old opens room for the new
• Holding things together is often a challenge
• Changing our wayward directions is like refracted light upon shiny feathers
• A strong center stands against much bending and whipping in storms
• We cover and insulate ourselves from outside pressures
• Extend a hand to lighten each other’s load
• We are covered by our Maker’s wings

From “Reflections from the Everyday”
Charlotte-Anne Allen


To be to happen or to do
Hope for good upon each day

Achievable desirable
Possibilities before us

Shall we believe
That in all God is able?

Though sometimes things
Seem undone… impossible

Be still and know in quietness
Helping, loving, and persisting

Positivity makes a difference
Strength for better


From “My Words to Live By”
Charlotte-Anne Allen

At the Gates

In my childhood home, there was a gate that connected to the backyard of our neighbor’s, on the other side of our block. Just to the right was the small-town library which I visited often. That gate connected me to a world of books, and many pleasant days. It was a quiet place to gather, and upon occasion to help out the librarian.

Sometimes we just need to get together with others… for enjoyment, to fill needs, complete work, or share information. Have you thought about how often you are part of gatherings? Work projects, family reunions, classes, sports, church, friendships, and our internet culture all involve gathering as we come together for a common purpose or goal. I think of some common familiar phrases that reflect this:

o “Want to get together tomorrow?”
o “We need to make plans.”
o “What time is the game?”
o “Here you go, enjoy your meal!”
o “Where can we meet?” …

Thinking about some of my favorite spaces and places for coming together with others, I was reminded of a special meeting place described in the Bible, at the gates of cities or towns. I always thought of gates as, you know, just doors in some kind of fence or at an entrance but the biblical gates to the cities and towns were much more than doors set in the city walls.

Of course, these gates served as points of protection for walled cities. Gatekeepers and watchmen guarded entrance into the cities and warned of any impending trouble from enemies. We’re told that King David sat between the inner and outer gates and the watchman went up to the roof (2 Samuel 18:24). They were also important places for people to gather. Kings were known to address their subjects from the city gates and the elders of the city sat “within” the gates to hear petitions. The elders also acted as witnesses, along with others present, when needed. It was here that the might and authority of the ruler and government was seen and felt! No wonder rebuilding the gates was such a big issue when the Hebrews returned from captivity.

Feeling safe and part of a supportive community… That’s something we can all appreciate, isn’t it? I imagine the kinds of people who came through those gates in addition to the nobler class. Here too were drawn the unsavory, the poor, and the beggars. See too the nearby waste dump, where garbage and even bodies of dead animals and lower-class people or criminals were thrown and burned. Imagine the stench and the noise! Here too, Jesus was taken to be crucified.                                        

My prayer for us is that we will be as gateways. As we live and work in our communities, may we accept the challenge to make spaces where others can be heard and cared for. While we respect authority, let us also hold others accountable and encourage each other to live with integrity. In so doing, we discover faith and welcome the greatest of gifts Jesus gave outside those city gates for us all .

Charlotte-Anne Allen 5/1/2023

Pink Sweet

Kind and peaceful
Offering a hand

Soothing and calming
Bringing good to the land

Sensitive to others
Forgiving and strong

Letting go of anger
When others have done wrong

Soft and cozy
Speaks of things sweet

Strawberry ice cream
Smooth cool treat

Bringing happiness and positivity
Optimistic and showing love … is sweet pink.

From “On Colors”
Charlotte-Anne Allen

Come to Pass

What has happened in this world
And what is now to come?

God’s prophets told of things to come
When the time was right… it came to pass

Jesus spoke such words of truth
When the task was finished… it came to pass

Goodness came to fill the void
Where humankind tried to strive alone

We rest assured that as we follow
With God, great things will come to pass.

Charlotte-Anne Allen


God who has made us gave us life
Son created in love, surrendered in strife
Believing in Him; open heart to see
He gives us faith; shows the way to be

Entrusted with a special task
He welcomes any questions we ask
What is our purpose, our way, the plan?
Love God. Love others… I know you can!

When one turns to earthly greed
To selfish thought and hurtful deed
The mark is missed; we’ve gone astray
All’s dark as night, no light of day

To serve Him with all our might
With heart and soul, now that is right!
So hard some days, when we are down
Now feel God’s arms as they surround

Holding us with a love so true
Go as salt and light in all you do
Precious, valued, He waits for us
Our reason to be… For all have purpose!

Charlotte-Anne Allen

From Dry Bones

When the Hebrew people were in the land of exile, home of the Babylonians, God first spoke to the Jewish priest named Ezekiel. He was only thirty years old! … God had allowed the people to be taken into exile because they had turned from Him, worshiping idols, offering their children as sacrifices, living immorally, violently, and selfishly.

God gave words to his new prophet Ezekiel to call them back to Himself, hard words and difficult messages. There were some really weird visions!

In one vision, there was a valley full of dry bones!
“Ezekiel, can these bones live?!”
“Only You know sovereign God!”
“Prophesy, speak to these bones. I will restore them and put breath back into them.”

And so, Ezekiel obeyed, and God did as He said He would.

Wow! Dry bones. Dead. Without life. Unable to stand. To walk.
God spoke, breathed on those dry bones, and restored life.
Sinews. Flesh. Bones knitting together.

I’ve had times, and perhaps you have too, when I felt like those dry bones. Like the Hebrew people, we can be drawn away from the true source of life, God eternal. Life experiences, disappointments, unfulfilled expectations, tragedy, and pain shape us and can skew our perspective and understanding.

Yet, like those dry bones, the breath of God’s Spirit will fill us. He raises His children to stand in that dark valley of dry bones. God’s breath! Within us! Ezekiel’s story is an amazing one, one of promise and of hope for us all, isn’t it?! The breath of His Spirit moves within us when we follow God. We begin to take on more of His character, not perfect but striving to serve Him and to care for others. Examining the areas we need to grow in or change is a lifelong process.

We are redeemed. We are restored. We are given new life.

Edited and re-posted