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I began this space in April 2017 as a place to offer encouragement and to share some thoughts about life and faith.

“Where did the website name come from?” you may ask. A poem I wrote a few years ago, entitled “Just a Weed,” was my inspiration. Weeds are unwanted plants and so often we ourselves feel unwanted or we view others as being undesirable, unlovely, unwanted. How often have we missed treasures and blessings because we failed to see the beauty in others or because we have not realized that we too are precious?

We struggle to take time to hear God’s quiet voice in this world of noise, to find comfort in sorrow or to celebrate joys… So, we come to this spot together for a few moments to listen and to discover, The Still Small Voice – For Just a Weed.

Welcome! Be Encouraged! Join me in our journey.
Charlotte-Anne Allen


  • Check out my blog page which includes a variety of reflections, thoughts, and experiences. I love using images and poems!
  • My blog is conveniently categorized with tabs for “Poetry” and “Reflections”.
  • My “Matterings and Musings” page has a  question or thought that I have struggled with or wondered about.
  • The “Writer’s Glen” is for interesting writing topics and resources for those who want to share their own stories.

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