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My definition (as a noun): Things which are of importance or significance, to be deeply considered and thought upon 

Thoughts and reflections which arise from a sense of wonder or curiosity 

  • This is a space for expression of those things in life which shape us all… that deep down desire for knowledge, understanding, peace, or simply an expression of those moments of awe.

 I will be changing the content periodically so check back often!



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5 thoughts on “Matterings & Musings

  1. The personal freedoms that we have in most cases are taken for granted by the American citizen.
    This is due to the fact that we have never had to live under a tyrants bayonet
    True freedom is different. True freedom is being free of sorrow in our hearts, pain , anguish and afflictions. I believe this is what Jesus meant when he said ‘ Come unto me all ye who are heavy laden…. Matthew 11:28
    “And ye shall know the truth…….. John 8:32

    Gracias CA, te agradesco mucho, bendiciones de Dios para ti y tu familia!

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  2. Jerry Roberts

    Love your writings

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  3. Karen Amrhein

    Fundamentally, freedom is the absence of compulsion, or at least of compulsion not self-imposed. I find I need constrictions to create. Without limits, there’s simply too-much space to wander in. Yet these restraints must be my own. In everyday life, we submit to all sorts of restrictions imposed by others, especially by the law. We submit to these in exchange for the benefits they provide: security and the absence of further constraints. (If we objected to each of these limitations to our liberty, we’d have no time to enjoy our liberties, and moreover, would probably end up in prison!)

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