Standing at the threshold
What lies ahead
Sunlight gleams
Pointing the way

Pausing attuned
Listen to silence
Or the singing of birds
Peaceful and warm

Drawing breath deeply
Fragrances from life
Bring back memories
Poignant or comforting

Searching eyes seeking
Cool shadowed woodland
Bright lawns or gardens
Faces and homes

Reaching out a hand
Taking the first step
New year’s dawn brings
Anticipation and prayers

2 thoughts on “Enter

  1. Beautiful thoughts for the new year! Love you. Thanks for your blogs!


    Diane Tucker

    ” When you run alone, its called a race……and when God runs with you, its called Grace.”

    On Sat, Jan 2, 2021 at 8:35 PM The Still Small Voice wrote:

    > forjustaweed posted: ” Standing at the thresholdWhat lies aheadSunlight > gleamsPointing the way Pausing attunedListen to silenceOr the singing of > birdsPeaceful and warm Drawing breath deeplyFragrances from lifeBring back > memoriesPoignant or comforting Searching eye” >

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