Just A Weed

It_s just a weedI hear them say...

I see your face
Shining bravely
And so I stop
To get acquainted.
It’s just a weed
I hear them say.

Delicate flower
Standing there
By the tended growth.
It’s just a weed
I hear them say.

A splash of cheer;
Yellows and blues,
White and purple,
Lilac too.
It’s just a weed
I hear them say.

I laugh; I chuckle.
I smile with joy
As I make my pass
Around their home.
It’s just a weed
I hear them say.

What weeds are these?
Unwanted ones?
Not at all… but rather,
Unnoticed treasures,
Loyal companions,
Fullness of life!

5 thoughts on “Just A Weed

  1. […] and see my neighbor smile as I do so. That is what inspired the poem I wrote a few years ago, “Just a Weed”, and also led to the naming of this […]

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  2. SUPER!! Las Hiervas tambien son de Dios .

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  3. Lovely, Lovely Poem!!! You are very talented at poetry. I love “Oh Dance” as well. Can’t wait to read more. “Just A Weed” made the designer come out in me and I wanted to see it as a picture hanging on the wall….just beautiful.

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  4. Beautiful! And you know what they say…”A weed is just an ill-placed flower.” Loved this! God bless 🙂

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