Reflections on Paint

  • “Ah-hah moments” are like bursts of bright colors
  • A fresh outlook and willingness to see all perspectives will bring powerful results
  • There are times for large bold strokes which fill our vision and uplift us
  • Small quiet detail can have a large impact
  • Each individual is a unique mixture and special blend
  • Maturity and gray hair, like peeling marked paint, are signs of experience and use
  • When individuals come together harmoniously we become more
  • New stages in life bring opportunities to be refurbished
  • We need regular checks and cleaning up to be at our best
  • A soft but firm touch provides needed stability
  • Use the right tools to make improvements
  • Reach out, stretch to accomplish, and cheer others on
  • A cheerful outlook and steady hand bring comfort and encouragement
  • Our Creator God is the Master Artist and our inspiration

From “Reflections from the Everyday”
Charlotte-Anne Allen 2/12/2022

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